We find the best candidates for key positions in the company

Tower Executive Search was founded by a group of professionals with a background in various business sectors
and this is the most important guarantee of our professionalism. Our consultants include HR professionals,
business experts, coaches, and mentors. We use a variety of solutions in order to find suitable candidates.
Our methodology is customized to individual clients. We are flexible. Most of all we rely on our expertise
and experience in the evaluation of candidates, and only then use psychometric or other tests.
Our coaching background facilitates our contacts with the clients.
We maintain long-term relationships with both clients and candidates. We care about our clients by offering them
additional development and career planning opportunities. Do not "leave" them to their own resources
once at the completion of our main recruitment job.
For us, it is important to make sure that both the employer of the candidate recommended by us
and the successful candidate realised their objectives as well as individual and company missions.

We partner with Tower Executive Search in the UK. Tomas de Brun is our partner.

What sets us apart?:

1. Extensive network capacity - A long list of candidates in Poland and globally that we have a personal
relationship with, a holistic approach to candidates - we look at the "whole person"
and use coaching tools in the selection of candidates.

2. We look for candidates candidates with positive energy and the ability to stimulate it in others. These are
usually extrovert and optimistic people. They find fulfilment in activeness and pleasure challenges,
always moving forward. They inspire others, but also they have a high ability to execute their orders.

3. We pay considerable attention to experienced managers aged 50+ and 60+, who display peak intellectual
and professional abilities, we enable them to participate in selected projects so that they can make
a contribution thanks to their expertise and life experience.

We want to reverse the trend of "abandoning" valuable and experienced people in the labour market just because of their age.
We pay attention to competencies that are of key importance to candidates for top positions
in the modern world of continuous change:

  • we do a thorough check of the candidates track record
  • we check the ability to work effectively in a rapidly changing environment
  • we pay attention to the ability of active listening
  • we ask about non-work interests and the ability to translate non-business experience to business situations
  • we check the candidate's sense of humour and self-distance
  • we take note of the candidate's manners
  • we evaluate communications skills and look for the traces of passion
  • we pay special attention to the candidate's natural leadership skills
  • we observe the candidate's leadership style

  • We use international competency assessment tools: Hogan


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